Katie Griffith does her part to help heal the community

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Katie Griffith is known for her enthusiasm and generosity.

Griffith brings those qualities to the Central Alabama Regional Child Advocacy, where she serves as Victim’s Advocate. Among her job duties are scheduling interviews for child victims, updating case files, getting to know the victims and staying in contact with families after the interviews are completed.

“Getting to help children, they’re coming in here because they have an abuse allegation,” Griffith said. “I can’t believe anyone would ever hurt kids.”

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Griffith, 34, said it takes a minute for the victims to open up about abuse.

“It’s great to see the kids trust us, they talk to us about something traumatic,” Griffith said. “They finish the interview and hang out with us. The interviewer does all the work and get the kids to trust them.”

Griffith explains a typical day at the CAC.

“On a typical interview day, we set the cameras up and turn the lights on,” Griffith said. “We give them snacks and get them comfortable for the interview. Whether they talk or not, it’s good to give them empowerment. The kids respond to it positively. Once everyone gets here, we give information to the victim’s family. I take them to the interview room. I don’t want the kids to think we’re lying to them.”

Griffith said she enjoys seeing the kids’ demeanor change by the time they leave the CAC facility provides a sense of satisfaction.

“Putting a smile on their faces, it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve protected the kids and listened to them,” Griffith said. “I like being around people and making them laugh. It’s nice to do a good job. It’s what the CAC is for.”

Griffith said she enjoys being part of the process that helps improve situations for the abused kids.

“The kids get into a safer place, it helps the DHR, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office,” Griffith said. “Being part of helping make the community better, we’re a small piece of what keeps the kids safe and leave the community in a better state. It’s nice to be part of something.”

Griffith would like to clear up a misconception about child abuse victims.

“I’ve learned that some people don’t realize how prevalent child abuse is,” Griffith said. “Some people want to stick their head in the sand and don’t want to hear about it.”

Griffith overcame adversity during her teenage years. At age 17, Griffith had her first child, Kate. Griffith said she was grateful to have the support of her parents and two siblings.

“My parents, brother and sister supported me, they all helped me raise my daughter,” Griffith said. “My parents could’ve kicked me out. I was young and immature at the time. Kate became the most important person in my life.”

Fast forward to present, Griffith’s oldest child is now 17. She’s now married to Thomas Griffith. They have three children: Gray, 6, Evie, 1 and Fisher, five months.

“My kids are everything to me,” Griffith said. “My husband plays a lot into my life. When we met, I used to be super shy. We were both struggling. He gave me the confidence to believe.”


Griffith returned to school, getting a GED, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Judson College and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at UAB.

Katie Griffith does her part to help heal the community