Dallas County Land Transactions March 27, 2017 Through April 6, 2017:

Published 5:02 pm Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sonnie Maurice D Pettway to Alabama Housing Finance, 124 Porter Circle

Larry Schroeder to Rosetta Campbell, Lot 5 on Chickasaw Ave, $6,500

Carl Daniel to Carl Daniel Jr, 5225 County Rd 412, $55,202

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Michael Cowan to South Land Co LLC, Dallas County, $11,996

Phillip Logan Cowart to Cliniton S Wilkinson III, 681 County Rd 261, $80,000

John Charles Blender to Frances P Strickland, 103 Moore Circle, $50,000

Katie Brown to Dewey W Davis, 365 Cades Cove Rd, $200,000

Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Dallas County

Gregory E Straight to PNC Bank National Assoc, 509 St Andrews Dr, $38,000

John Boyce Guthrie Sr to Trustmark National Bank, 11 Edgewood Dr, $25,000

Clara Johnson to United States of America, 178 Hardy Circle

Debra Lynn Williams to Kenneth Williams, 405 Wood Ave, $42,000

James Wayne Veitch Jr to Austin A Rogers II, Dallas County, $144,000

Richardo Sanchez to etherine January, Dallas County, $35,000

Robert E Eaton to Speir Land Co II LLC, Lot 29 of Magnolia Acres, $27,400

Anna Hardy Waller to Marvin Maul, 610 Texas Court, $1,500

Wade J Ousley to Regions Bank, 778 County Rd 269, $70,400

Carolyn S Jones to Jeffery L Gaines, 149 Hwy 219, $2,000

Jeffery L Gaines to Carolyn S Jones, 149 Hwy 219, , $73,000

Stanley McCrary to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $25,000

Onalisa McInnis to Mitsy C Wilbourne, 34 Wilkins Rd, $17,000

Mitsy C Wilkerson to Interlinc Mortgage Servicing, 34 Wilkins Rd, $94,800

Dolores McHugh Meyer to Judyth McKinney, Dallas County

Doores McHugh Meyer to Gregory Richardson, Dallas County, $7,935

Laurie W Bramlett to PNC Bank National Assoc., 8422 County Rd 115, $1,200,000

Arthur Charles J Zuelzke to Arthur Charles J Zuelzke, Dallas County, $5,600

Arthur Charles J Zuelzke to Ernest Edward Zuelzke, 1018 Franklin St

Willie E Tatum to Loandepot.com LLC, 5652 County Rd 30, $202,981

Donna P Morrow to Carrington Mortgage Servicing, 14 Willow Dr, $57,253

PNC Bank National Assoc to Bank of America N A, 1004 LaDayne Ave

Alberta Sanders to 1st Franklin Financial Co, Dallas County, $12,711

Fnnie Mae by Atty in Facto to Laura McDowell, 3906 Merrifield Dr, $21,000

Resurgent Capital Service to PYOD LLC, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to U S Bank National Assoc, 22 Pecan Dr

Pamela E Hill-Veal to Viola H Daniel, 74 Deep Woods Circle, 489,500

Johnny Lane Osburn to Osie C Cunningham, 466 County Rd 820, $30,000

Osie C Cunningham to Mutual Savings Credit Union, 466 County Rd 820

Deborah Raspberr Gorbell to Michael R Gorbell as Trustee, 225 Merrimac Dr

Robert L Craig to tracey Purifoy Canada, 2135 Lauderdale St, $43,200

LSF8 Master Participation to U S Bank Trust N A, Dallas County

Federal Deposit Insurance to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Lot 6, Brentwood Place

Citimortgage Inc as SBM to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Dallas County

Bobby Glen Crawford to Jeffrey S Fancher, 152 County Rd 273

Church of Christ to Jeffrey S Fancher, 6833 County Rd 37

Jeffery S Fanher to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $57,800

Adam Crovato to Sophaphan Schofield, 30 Osage Circle, $270,000

Berlin Corp to Thomas Ladique Brown, Dallas County, $17,200

Mary Kathryn Traylor Brown to Bernlin Corp, Dallas County, $10,380

Victoria Clark Hooker to Freedom Mortgage Corp, 635 County Rd 139, $151,353

Joe W Smith III to Joe W Smith Jr, Dallas County, $53,500