Proud to be an American on this July 4

Published 12:47 pm Saturday, July 2, 2016

Since 1776, the Fourth of July has always been cause for celebrating if you are an American. As a personal note, we need to enjoy this holiday while we still can. The way things are going nowadays, someone is bound to be offended and demand we stop it. This political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity is taking all our rights and freedoms away. Of course in order to be politically correct, we must conform, or at least accommodate, whatever culture or traditions the legal and illegal immigrants are bringing in to make them feel cozy, comfortable and wanted including giving up some of our freedoms. Pardon me, but there just seems to be something terribly wrong with this scenario and the influx of newcomers should be assimilating and becoming Americans. When is enough, enough?

However, back to the subject at hand of the Fourth of July. I had the distinct privilege of speaking at the Benton Methodist Church for their Fourth of July celebration in 2007. The invitation was from Pastor Trav Barnes, son of the late Travis W. Barnes, Jr.. Travis, Jr. was a WWII veteran, and one of our American Legion Veterans of the Month featured in the Selma Times-Journal in August 2002. I might add, Travis, Jr. was one of the most respected men I have ever known.

In attendance that day was another American Legion Veteran of the Month, WWII veteran George L. Wood. George’s unit participated in the liberation of Paris. He was featured in the Selma Times-Journal in October 2005. George is another of the remarkable and proud American patriots of the greatest generation.

Please allow me a few of the reconstructed comments I made on that day. Two hundred forty  years ago on this historic date, our forefathers set a course of independence for the 13 colonies of the Americas. They approved a document entitled “The Declaration of Independence.” The 56 signers of this document did so at great risk to themselves, their families and possessions. Had they been caught, they most assuredly would have been executed. It is noteworthy that Great Britain was a super power on the world scene at the time.

I am sure King George III was not amused with the news of insurrection in the colonies and ordered a swift elimination of the “Yanks” stirring up all the trouble. Yanks is a term of endearment (dubious intent) the Brits still call us today. Of course, we all know the outcome of the conflict. Although, it took eight years of fighting and dying, independence was won. The young fledgling nation went on to form a Constitution and became a beacon of hope for suppressed people around the world. We have been a blessed nation by God of whom we obeyed and gave credit. In recent years, it seems we have lost our way and need to correct our course. Psalms 32:12 reads: “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”

Thank God for America, and allowing me to be an American. Thank God for our military personnel laying their lives on the line each and every day, sworn to uphold the Constitution, and keeping us free. This land I love and this land I will defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Happy Fourth of July Americans, God Bless you, and God Bless America.