James Jones column: Love counts on Valentine’s Day

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2024

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Valentine’s Day is always regarded as a hidden holiday to me. 

Feb. 14 is celebrated across the world as a holiday for couples, married or dating. In some cases, couples are meeting or committing to a relationship for the first time. 

Gifts come in the form of big hearts such as Reese’s Cup, Russell Stover, Hershey’s or Oreos, alongside a dozen red roses and fancy jewelry. Items are often delivered with a personal visit at the woman’s workplace. After work, an intimate dinner can consist of a steak, Caesar salad and baked potato at a fancy restaurant. The night ends with a movie, usually the lady’s choice.

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I always took a unique approach to Valentine’s Day with the women in my life. 

The adult woman received a big heart of chocolates, roses, a steak dinner and a romantic movie. The two young girls, my daughters, ended up with a bag containing Reese’s cups and Russell Stover hearts, assorted candies and a gift.

The list is cut to two now, only the woman and one child. The other girl is now an adult with children of her own. She no longer participates in my Valentine’s Day misadventures.

I have participated in five out of six Valentine’s Days since moving to Selma. My gifts have varied, but the roses and candy remain. I have been single for 15 years, but competition for my time still exists.

My youngest daughter always ensured her gifts came first, insisting on delivery  Feb. 14, if the date fell on a Saturday or Sunday. This year, her gifts came on Feb. 10.  She was ill the previous week and reminded me that we needed to celebrate early.

I guess I am making up for being inactive in junior high, high school and college years. 

Schools these days are having Valentine’s Day dances in middle school and high school. I always saved those efforts for the prom and fraternity dances.

The coolest thing about Valentine’s Day, to me, is when the holiday ends. Over the next few days, the Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale. I usually stack up Reese’s and Russell Stover, buying them at half off because she will eat that until I run out.

Whether we agree or disagree, Valentine’s Day will always have something to offer us. We may find true love this year. We shall see.