Democrats double down on same old

Published 10:33 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From the clips I saw, the reports I read, and from what little I watched of the Democrats first debate, I find it hard to believe anyone could come away feeling good about the future of our country.

I failed to see or hear any of them express concern about the direction we are headed.

So, the conclusion has to be more of the same or in case of Comrade Bernie, doubling down on more of the same.

Bernie is using Denmark and Norway as examples of how the United States should be. Hillary also loves Denmark, but did meekly, as if not to upset the togetherness of Democrats, take issue with Bernie.

Socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried and these two want more socialism for America? I wonder how much one way tickets would cost to get the two over there?

I love the quote by Winston Churchill on capitalism versus socialism. He said: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

One point Bernie and Hillary agreed upon was having heard enough about Hillary’s emails. I suspect they do wish it could be swept under the rug.

However, there is an FBI investigation ongoing to determine the security risks of using a private email server for official state department business.

Regardless to what Bernie and Hillary think of it, hopefully, if there are violations involved, charges will be filed before the next election.

According to reports, the Democrats’ debate was a love fest for giving out more free stuff. The only way Democrats can win elections is by promising free stuff.

The Obama Administration has nearly doubled the national debt in just six years. The United States is swimming in debt and unfunded liabilities that will haunt generations to come. The national debt is $18,407,507,000,000 plus at this moment, since it is escalating so fast you can’t quote accurate numbers. The debt at this writing is $57,184 per citizen and $154,893 per tax payer. If that doesn’t cause you to shudder, nothing will.

Contrary to the belief of half the population, this can’t just be printed away by the government.

We need to be giving out jobs, not more free stuff. Every able bodied man and woman should have access to and participate in gainful employment. Government should not be in the business of keeping people subservient to the government by bribes of free stuff. Government should be creating an environment fostering business expansion and innovation rather than driving it out of the country. This alone would do more than anything to address the deficits, national debt, government dependency and entrenched poverty.

As the poster I saw aptly states: the Democrats say, “We need an economy that works for everyone.” I say, “We need an economy where everyone works.”