If only we were more like Chicago

Published 7:32 pm Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aspiring to be like Chicago: I read an article the other day that stated Rahm Emanuel thought America should become more like Chicago. There is little doubt in my mind the president has us headed in that direction. Can you imagine Chicago as the role model for America? There are more people killed in Chicago each year than we are losing in Afghanistan. In fact, the murder rate in Chicago this year is almost twice that of our combat troops killed in Afghanistan. The count as of October 29, 2012 was 436 in Chicago and 271 in Afghanistan. The last fatality was a 68 year old man who erected a fence around his property because drug dealers were using his yard to conduct business. He was found shot to death in his home.

Chicago is rife with gangland turf wars and drug peddlers. It is closer to being a war zone than Afghanistan. I suppose if it were placed to a vote, there would be 50.57 percent—Obama’s winning percentage–of Americans who would favor emulating Chicago.

Isn’t Chicago the city that spawned Al Capone and many other gangsters during prohibition? The St. Valentine’s Day massacre is being played out almost daily now in that fair city. Now, I would not want to be unfair to the many good and decent people of Chicago, but they do vote Democratic and keep the same mayor for decades at a time. Perhaps staying in office is what old Rahm has in mind for Obama.

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Chicago is notorious for gangsters, present day gangs, drugs, poverty 21 percent in 2011, unemployment 8.4 percent, high taxes 9.5 percent, political nepotism, and corruption in high places. My question would be; why would anyone want to emulate Chicago? Although, barring any unforeseen change in direction, we are headed there. The rapid descent of America is quite evident to even a novice observer, and apparently, a slim majority of the country is all right with it. It does not take an Alexis de Tocqueville to figure out what is happening in America.

Normally, there is a period of optimism and enthusiasm following a national presidential election. However, this year the country is so indebted and unemployed the overwhelming feeling is of impending doom and gloom, and rightfully so.

There is no way America can survive the out of control spending by the federal government. America does not have a revenue problem; it has a full-blown spending problem. The president and Congress are not going to fix the problem, they are the problem. Until voters come to the realization that you cannot spend your way out of debt, nothing is going to change. Those citizens and non-citizens wholly dependent on government will be the ones hurt most by the impending debt implosion.

But, oh if we were only like Chicago.