Getting the dog back

Published 2:17 am Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear editor,

My name is Amie Howell-Patel.

My dog Hippie came up missing about six months ago.

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She had been missing for a few weeks, so at that time I was getting very worried!

Then, I suddenly thought about the Selma Times-Journal having an ad for missing animals. So, I got the number from their website; called and spoke with Ms. Ashley Key. I told her my situation, and she was sincerely helpful! She told me she could put a detailed ad in the newspaper for two weeks and even free of charge. Then about 1 week later I received a call from a man claiming he had found a dog, and that he had read the Selma Times-Journal newspaper that morning under the lost and found section, and the dog in the paper looked and sounded a lot like the dog he had found! So we planned to meet up that day, and it turned out to be my dog Hippie…My lil’ family was finally complete again, and my little girl Ariana got her first dog back home again!! Special Thanks to Selma Times-Journal and their friendly staff!


Amie Howell-Patel