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Weekly event will end at football season

SELMA — Tanya Miles goes to Wal-Mart every Thursday and comes out with about $150 worth of stuff to use for the weekly cookouts Selma High School football sponsors.

The events started earlier this summer when her husband, Leroy Miles, took over as the Saints’ head coach.

“He got to go with me and see what I do every Thursday,” Miles said. “I walk through there with two buggies full of stuff every week.”

Miles said she has gotten donations of items for the meals and money to buy supplies from community members.

Miles said former Saints such as Ben Obomanu had contributed to the effort, and she had gotten a special deal to buy a case of hot dogs and get a case free because it was going to the team.

“Everybody sees me on Thursday and they know what I’m doing,” Miles said.

There will not be a cookout next week but the event will return after that and continue until the football season when they will again stop.

The team is looking for people to sponsor a Thursday night meal for the team once the season gets going.

Danette Bonner, whose son Amos Bonner, plays for the Saints said she has enjoyed chatting at the cookouts, though she rarely eats the free food.

“I like the (conversation),” Bonner said. “I get to see people I don’t know. It’s a good opportunity to let them know we are here and will be cheering loud.”