President Obama remains an enigma

Published 11:38pm Thursday, August 22, 2013

After almost five years, President Obama still remains somewhat of an enigma. We really do not know very much about him personally or just what he is trying to accomplish in changes he speaks of to our country.

There are a few assumptions, not judgments (“judge not lest ye be judged“), that can be made based on his agenda, executive orders, voting record and speech making to date.

He says he is a Christian, but his actions speak otherwise. Matthew 7:16-20 paraphrased says you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. If you evaluate him by the fruit he has brought to bear, it is difficult to view him as Christian.

Some of the things he approves of and sanctions are sinful according to the Bible. We all are sinners, of course, but Christians are forgiven sinners, repentant and reformed.

By the same token, I do not believe President Obama is a Muslim as some have suggested, although he does seem sympathetic to them. For many of the same reason he fails to pass muster as a Christian, places him outside the Muslim faith also.

If he were Muslim, he wouldn’t be inviting folks over for beer in the Rose Garden, and neither would he be so strongly for the homosexual lifestyle and gay marriage.

Is he anti-American as some say? I don’t know, but we do know he would like nothing better than to change America, and he did sit under Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.

Having been brought up in Hawaii and Indonesia, I’m not so sure he has the same gung ho patriotic spirit and appreciation for the Constitution most mainlanders, and especially Southerners, have for our country. After all, I am old enough to remember Hawaii becoming a state. It is a fact not all Hawaiians, especially native Hawaiians, favored becoming a state.

Statehood for Hawaii is even thought of as being illegal in certain circles.

Just what is his political philosophy? Is it capitalism, socialism, Marxism, fascism or a combination of all? He doesn’t appear to favor pure capitalism.

The takeover of healthcare and statements of spreading the wealth are an indication of his leanings toward some form of socialism whereas the government owns, controls and manages production and distribution (state socialism) or by associations of workers (guild socialism). But, it is difficult to pin him down to any one persuasion.

Perhaps he is a combination of all of the “isms” as some have opined.

Therefore, we are left to figure out where he fits. Perhaps, he just doesn’t understand the sacrifice, hard work and bloodshed expended to maintain this great Republic.

One thing is for sure, a different form of government, or more government is not the answer, ultimately the burden of failure will rest on “We the People.”

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