We have to find ways to cut spending

Published 8:25pm Tuesday, June 18, 2013

With all the malfeasance by several branches of the federal government being exposed lately, it seems our federal government is coming apart at the seams.

Already drowning in perpetual debt, the president and lawmakers are calling for even more wasteful spending. You hear an occasional reference to being mindful of the debt, but no one is really serious or cares to do anything about it. It seems politicians only concern themselves with being re-elected and maintaining their elite status.

If the sequester is so intolerable, why did top aides to President Obama propose it? Of course, they now try to deny it, but Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in his book “The Price of Politics” clearly laid it at their feet.

Perhaps it was a political maneuver trying to entrap the Republicans into approving more taxes without any spending cuts. If so, this time Republicans did not fall for the ploy and stood firm. Rather than Republicans being unwilling to negotiate, it is more that Democrats were unwilling to keep their promises of real spending cuts.

Is it a perfect way to go about spending cuts? Probably not, but you have to salvage what you can when dealing with the live today and let tomorrow take care of itself mentality. It was at best a dumb idea in the beginning, but lately I haven’t seen very much wisdom coming out of Washington, D.C.

If sequestration is the only way to briefly slow the rate of growth and debt being accumulated, so be it. Sadly, the one’s hurt most from a fiscal collapse, should it occur, will be those Democrats are claiming to help.

Unfortunately, this sequester only slows down the rate of growth and does nothing to solve the problem.

You would think they would weed out old ineffective spending programs before proposing layers of new programs. Did you know there are 45 federal programs dealing with early childhood education and child care costing taxpayers $20 billion a year? Many are duplicative and ineffective being administered by several federal agencies.

According to a Health and Human Services evaluation just released in December 2012, three years late and only released after coercion, the Head Start program is a dismal failure. According to a Heritage Foundation report on the evaluation, Head Start provided “no lasting cognitive or behavioral benefits.”

The benefits derived from attending Head Start vanished by the first grade. Yet, the President and Democrats are proposing more funding for it, and beginning yet another program, the “Preschool for All” initiative for 4-year-olds.

Adding more layers of the same doesn’t fix the problem. It really makes you wonder just who is running the asylum.

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