Korea’s new dictator has no sense

Published 7:45pm Friday, April 12, 2013

We are approaching the 60th anniversary of signing the Korean War Armistice ending hostilities on the Korean Peninsula on July 27, 1953.

The war began June 25, 1950 when North Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to reunite with South Korea, Republic of Korea by force. Selma resident Walt Myers was among the first American contingents, 24th Infantry Division, sent in to rebuff the invasion. It was a desperate situation right from the start as the DPRK forces had steam rolled through RoK positions almost at will.

It is well to note, the Armistice signed in 1953 was not a peace treaty. It merely provided for ending the hostilities along the 38th parallel at about the original separation line.

It also provided for the exchange of prisoners of war. The Geneva Conference of 1954 was suppose to take up the task of a permanent peace treaty between the two Koreas, but the conference instead was forced to deal with the French colonial war in Indochina. Therefore, here we are almost 60 years later without a treaty and the country still divided.

North Korea, DPRK, now has a new young dictator in Kim Jong Un, son of Kim Jong IL, grandson of Kim IL Sung. Try saying that real fast. This family has been in power since the country was divided after World War II. It is also noteworthy to mention that Korea had been ruled by Japan since 1910 until  liberated at the end of WW II.

The Soviet Union had entered the war prior to Japan’s unconditional surrender occupied North Korea and the United States occupied South Korea. The division was along the 38th parallel.

Free elections were to be held throughout the Korean Peninsula in 1948, but failed to materialize further widening the divide. Skirmishes along the border eventually led to the Korean War in 1950.

Kim Jong Un, 29,  has been flexing his nuclear muscles, threatening us and everyone else around him with the exception of China.

China being his protectorate. It was China, as you know, who came to North Korea’s rescue during the Korean War. If it hadn’t been for the Chinese intervention, the entire peninsula of Korea would now be a free democratic state as is South Korea.

The young Kim seems to be completely void of common sense as was his forebearers. They have built up a nuclear military at the expense of their own people being near starvation.

One thing I will grant the brash young dictator, he doesn’t burden his people with money for hair cuts as our royals do ($350,000 for the Capital Barber Shop). He apparently uses the same shop his wife uses to get the poodle trimmed.

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