Blame should be placed where it belongs

Published 10:02pm Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are you about up to the regurgitation stage with the debt limit debate? I am. There shouldn’t be a reason for a debate having to occur. You would think those chosen, as representatives of the people would be wise enough to curb the excessive spending on their own. This is one area our founding fathers warned against, but failed to restrict enough. They simply did not envision anything like the caliber of people we have in charge today.

This debt limit debate is consuming much time, attention and concern in Washington D.C. The good name and credit rating of the United States hangs in the balance.

Believe you me that it is a scary thought the future of our country rests in the hands of Washington D.C. politicians. The people spoke in 2010 to get our house in order and stop the wasteful spending of the taxpayer’s dime.

The 50 percent of people paying all the taxes in our country are already overburdened and need relief from the strangling demands of the federal government.

I’m a little baffled by the demagoguery of Social Security as being a cause of the deficits when according to reports fund assets were $2.6 trillion in December 2010. It’s not there of course, because the weasels in Washington have spent every dime of it and borrowed more.

Some recipients have paid into the system all their lives, not by choice, but by requirement of our federal government, therefore, they aren’t the problem.

The problem is all the others being paid out of the imaginary Social Security trust fund without having paid their dues. It along with Medicare has become a social engineered welfare system thanks to Congress and policies of the Great Society.

Since the Cut, Cap and Balance measure went down at the hands of the Democrats in the Senate, you can bet whatever is enacted will be more of the same wasteful spending against the will and desires of the fifty percent of people who pay the taxes.

Sooner or later, the printing presses in Washington will have to be stopped and the ability to borrow any more money from China will come to an end. What then?

The dollar will be absolutely worthless and abandoned as the world standard of currency, and the politicians will say to the peasants “Let them eat cake.”

The blame has to rest squarely with President Obama and his party.

  • D-man

    hmmmm i was following this until the last statement… it would have read better “The blame has to rest squarely on all the presidents who caved into their party, their lobbyists, their campaign contributors because the average voter doesn’t know what’s best for this country and the leaders in charge have been given the stewardship to make the right decisions to guard over the interests of THIS COUNTRY and IT’S PEOPLE instead of selling us off.

    Truth is that the last several presidents, starting with NAFTA or even before, and continuing today… are digging the hole deeper and deeper while the politicians themselves and walstreet elite are prospering…the middleclass and low class are suffering…

    “Blame has to rest squarely on greed, selfishness, indifference, partisonship and corruption”…

    • JustTheDude


      Neither “party” is serious about cutting spending. The only thing they seem serious about is keeping the American public at odds with each other so they can continue business as usual..

      The whole Republican Vs Democrat (or maybe I should just call it team Read Vs team Blue, because neither stands for anything, with the exception of standing against each other) has bred a political environment where civil discourse has become impossible..

      I am not affiliated with either party. I do however find it appalling the amount of misinformation that is continuously regurgitated throughout the media, and propagated online in the form of chain mail.. These lies further fuel the hate that now exists between you and your fellow Americans.

      This hate has grown so much that even though I am unaffiliated politically I am constantly being attacked for having a different view. Almost as soon as I disagree with someone politically I am deemed an “enemy” and all hope of having a civil conversation fly out the window.

      This is not by accident nor is it just an unfortunate by-product of the dual party system. It is carefully and methodically orchestrated by Red vs Blue, to keep you occupied with trivial matters as they dismantle the very country they “serve”, for their own gain.

      Keep fighting each other Sheeple, your neighbor is the enemy and should be blamed for the demise of the United States, not the people actually running it…

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