Bentley appears to be the doctor Alabama needs

Published 10:07pm Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Alabama Legislature just completed its regular session for the year. With the Republicans in charge for the first time in 136 years, things seemed to move along more smoothly than in the past.

They had to make some very tough decisions concerning what had to be cut in order to balance the budget.  Alabama requires a balanced budget be submitted, thank God.

In my opinion, the requirement to present a balanced budget is very wise and prudent. Without it, Alabama would be drowning in debt as some of the other states and the federal government. Politicians, especially liberals, are simply incapable of fiscal responsibility when spending someone else’s money. A balanced budget amendment is the only way to control their appetite and desire to spend that which they don’t have.

One disappointment in this session was not dealing with the massive 62 percent pay raise the legislature voted itself March 2007. With proration rampant and the need to trim state spending a necessity, you would think states representatives would choose to share in the pain.  But, not so. They cowered out of doing anything after promising, or at least giving the impression, they were in favor of doing something before the election.

The timing was right to scale back these excessive  raises, but they wimped out again.  Democrats and now Republicans share in the shame of this travesty against the hard working tax- paying citizens. Show me the money seems to be the theme of public service now. Another disappointment was redistricting. We ended up with the same irregular senseless district boundaries that would require a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out.

There is little rhyme or reason to these districts that zig-zag up and down throughout the state. I doubt the representatives could even tell you the entire district they supposedly represent. Voters surely cannot keep up with all the different boundaries they fall under in city, state and federal elections, all in the name of diversity. All in all, it was probably the most productive session in memory. There have been years in the past they couldn’t even pass a budget without a special session at additional expense to the tax payers.

Governor Bentley appears to be the doctor Alabama needed. He is decisive, authoritative and sometimes blunt with those who may not be on the same page in doing what is best for Alabama.

He should receive high marks for his performance so far.

  • Renigade

    Bentley’s leadership will be proven further down the road. He is lucky to have a Republican Majority in the House and Senate and don’t think for a minute they don’t have their eye on him. Just remember the AEA put him in office and that fact hasn’t been forgotten by most Republicans. Let’s see how he does over the next couple of years before we start counting our chickens.

  • D-man

    i agree there should be a balanced budget.

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