Edmundite Missions leader spoke to Selma Rotary Club

Published 9:07 am Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Edmundite Missions’ Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Susan Raymond was the guest speaker at the Selma Rotary Club on Monday.

Raymond, who also serves as the  Vice President of Program Integration for the Edmundite Missions,  discussed the organization’s agenda for the present and future.

“We have changed fundamentally as an organization,” Raymond said.  “Our mission is a proactive Catholic agent that generates a vibrant community and thriving economy through impactful programming, a dynamic staff, and visionary leadership. We want to be proactive. We do not want to wait for the doorbell to ring.”

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Raymond, who lived in Selma for three years, also outlined the Edmundite Mission’s plan for community involvement.

“We want to care for those who are impoverished, prevent the slide into poverty of those who are vulnerable and advance opportunities for those who are able to climb the ladder to self-reliance,” Raymond said.

Raymond, who lives in Dallas, Texas, said that a series of Children’s books about nutrition and in-store nutrition in Family Dollar Store is also planned by the Edmundite Missions in the future.

“Dignity is fundamental to everything we do,” Raymond said. “We make conscious decisions on what we’re going to do.”

Raymond also recognized Alabama Power and VRMC for working with the Edmundite Missions.