Man killed Saturday night in Valley Grande

Published 1:41 pm Sunday, March 26, 2023

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A teenager has been charged with murdering a man on Saturday night in Valley Grande.
Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum said that Kaleb Childers, 18 is charged with the fatal shooting of Warrent Reese II, 21, on County Road 81 in Valley Grande. Granthum said that Charles Matthew III, 18, was shot multiple times and is currently listed in critical condition.
Granthum said the fatal shooting occurred between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Saturday night on County Road 81 in Valley Grande. He said the incident occurred in a house. Childers is currently in Jail under a $1.5 million bond. Granthum did not reveal what jail Childers is in.
“Reese was shot dead multiple times inside a family house,” Granthum said. “Two people fired shots at him. The other men were also hit by gunfire more than likely fired from the deceased. Over 20 shell casings were recovered from the house along with multiple guns. Childers was shot in the hand. We believe that Reese was able to return fire and hit both Childers and Matthew.”
Granthum said the believes that the investigation is an altercation over drugs.
“Early on in the investigation it appears there was an argument over some drugs that Childers and Matthew wanted to purchase,” Granthum said. “Childers and Matthew allegedly confronted Reese about being cheated on the amount of drugs given for the price charged. This argument led to a barrage of gunfire. Evidence from the scene was collected and sent to forensics for further investigation.”
Granthum said that people being involved in drugs often end up with negative results.
“This just goes to prove that the drug game has two results: jail or graveyard,” Granthum said. “No one wins in a situation like this. Another young life lost death and the possibility of two more teenagers’ life wasted away in our prison system. All based on the decisions they made.”
Granthum said the case remains under investigation by the DCSO.

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