Stoney Pritchett has blueprint for academics at Selma High School

Published 5:13 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Selma High School Principal Stoney Pritchett has ambitions of turning his alma mater into an academic powerhouse.

As Pritchett enters his second year at Selma, he wants to help the school achieve its overall goal “Quality Education By Any Means Necessary” for the students.

“I love the challenges of the job and the collaborative relationships I am afforded with my staff, students and all stakeholders,” Pritchett said. “I am driven by the fertile potential of our great school to dynamically transform and become a socially and academically thriving village of learning and authentic community.”

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Pritchett, a former football, basketball and baseball player for Selma High, embraces his countless roles.

“My responsibilities include providing a safe and conducive working environment for students, faculty and staff where learning is a top priority,” Pritchett said. “I am also responsible for supervising and facilitating the daily operation of the school. My responsibilities include working with the superintendent, the central office staff and the state department to establish and implement academic goals, curriculum, and budget financial resources. I am responsible for attending outside school events, such as athletic games and community programs.”

Pritchett, 36, said he enjoys being involved in the community, especially since the Queen City’s his hometown.

“As a former native of Selma, Alabama and graduate of Selma High School, I consider this place to be where my heart is and proudly call it home,” Pritchett said. “Thankfully, my close ties to Selma enable me the privilege of being able to establish and maintain favorable relationships with local community groups and individuals, to foster understanding and to solicit support for overall school objectives and programs. Even at the school, I have an open-door policy, and I am always open to new ideas, especially when they contribute to the advancement of the school and community.”

Pritchett is married to Stacie Pritchett, a teacher in the Selma School System. They have five children: Stoni, Stori, Sydni, Dion and Dakarri.

For Pritchett, family has played an important role in his life, especially g from his late his mother Pamela Pritchett Martin.

“My mother was the most influential,” Pritchett said. “From her, it was not the things that she taught me, but more than anything the struggle and grind I had to endure with her and my siblings to overcome numerous unlikely struggles at a young age. It taught me toughness, perseverance, and gave me self-motivation to achieve greatness.”

Pritchett said Selma has the leadership to encourage the youth and layout a blueprint for their futures.

“I think Selma is full of successful individuals and leaders,” Pritchett said. “These individuals should be at the forefront in providing limitless mentoring opportunities and groups to our youth. The need for continuous hands-on and community involvement is necessary to show our youth there are many positive opportunities available within the community.”

Pritchett put a plan in motion during his first year at Selma High.

“I implemented the Breakfast Club organization at Selma High School, which entailed bringing in various positive male leaders to speak and to reach the young men where they are and try to promote positivity in all aspects of their lives,” Pritchett said.

Pritchett will do everything in his power to make Selma High one of the state’s top academic schools.