Help the animals

Published 10:45 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Selma Animal Shelter, Sky Hill Animal Society, Selma’s Purrrfect Pals and Wannabe Rescued all have one goal in mind, to find loving homes for Selma’s homeless cats and dogs. They each work tirelessly with the animals to ensure they have everything they need before adopting them out to their forever homes.

  However, sometimes they need a little help. Volunteers and donors help make up for what the organizations don’t raise during their fundraisers. Without volunteers and donors, the shelter and the other organizations would lack a lot more.  Residents, businesses and volunteers spend their time, efforts and money to ensure these animals are taken care of, but it is not enough.

   The local animal shelter and the other three organizations need more help. They need people willing to donate time and take a day to come and sit and play with the adoptable cats at the animal shelter. There is a need for monetary donations so that the animals are properly spayed and neutered when they come to the shelter.

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  Even buying one bag of food or cat litter would greatly help these organizations to better care for these animals. I had the opportunity to witness local business owner, Earl Ashe donate 2,000 pounds of dog food to the animal shelter, Sky Hill Animal Society and Wannabe Rescued. Ashe said if he has helped just one animal live more comfortably and have what they need before they are adopted then he has done his job.

  Ashe also runs an ad in the paper everyday to highlight the different animals that are in need of new homes. It’s people like Ashe, that by donating to this cause, ensure that all of Selma’s animals are taken care of.

   I implore you to find it in your heart to do something to help the local animals of Selma that do not have a place to call home just yet. Even if you cannot donate financially, these animals can take all the love and time you can give to them. 

For more information on the Selma Animal Shelter, call (334) 877-220.

For more information on Selma’s Purrrfect Pals, visit

For more information on Sky Hill, call (334) 872-1337or visit their website at www.

For more information on Wannabe Rescued, call (334) 412-1963 or email