Thank you, volunteers

Published 9:26 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

My favorite article to write every week is the “Volunteer of the Week” article. I have the opportunity to speak with some of the most selfless individuals in our community. These people give so much of themselves, and often ask very little in return. I have interviewed people of various ages and backgrounds, all willing to donate their time and efforts in making Selma an even better place to live. Each of these people have left a personal impression on me, and I am honored to say I had the chance to sit down and have a moment of their time.

Being a part of a civic organization myself, I understand the sacrifices of time and efforts it takes to truly be of service to others. Volunteerism takes a special kind of person, and oh are these people special. In the three months that I have been writing these features, I have yet to encounter a volunteer that didn’t light up the room. Each interview left me feeling like I needed to do more and shed even more positivity in the community.

I am inspired by their stories of personal determination and drive. From war veterans to cancer survivors, some of these people know what it is like to fight for their lives and win. They use those personal experiences in their volunteerism, and it shows. In each “Volunteer of the Week” article, I include a few words from the volunteer’s supervisor or manager.

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They never fail to speak on the volunteer’s selflessness and inspirational demeanor. After speaking with the managers, I am immediately excited to meet the volunteer, and see what makes the people they work with speak so highly of them. It’s refreshing to meet and have the opportunity to speak with people that have touched so many lives in the community.

These are the people that ensure needy families are fed on a daily basis, the people that find loving homes for animals that otherwise would have no one else to look after them and the people that spend quality time with local youth and provide them with a positive outlet.

I have met some extraordinary people, and I thought it fitting to say thank you.

To all of the volunteers in the community, your selflessness does not go unnoticed. I am thankful to work alongside you in service, and even more grateful to feature your stories.

Oniska Blevins is a reporter with The Selma Times-Journal. She can be reached at