What is happening in Selma?

Published 12:41 am Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sunday night, Selma City Councilwoman Mia Jackson addressed the Old Town neighborhood watch group about surveillance cameras she had purchased for the organization to help them deter crime and catch the criminals who commit them. She should be applauded for her proactive approach to helping an organization that is working hard to protect themselves, their neighbors and their property.

Jackson also touched on many other issues in the city, especially those relating to the city’s financial condition, or the lack of such.

Jackson told the group the city lacks and sort of financial policy relating to the city’s operations. If that is in fact true, and we would hope as an elected official responsible for city operations that it is, citizens of Selma should be more than concerned – they should be angry. In the absence of any sort of written fiscal policy, we have several questions for our mayor and city council.

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How is our money being handled?

Where does it go?

Why is there not a policy in place?

Jackson also mentioned the lack of a financial reserve, which leads us to wonder what would happen if a financial emergency were to happen?

These and others were all questions the group asked Jackson.

Jackson’s statements are certainly concerning, but Jackson said she and others are serious about fixing what we consider to glaring weaknesses in the operation of our city.

Jackson was right when she told the group the state of the community is a reflection of its leadership.

If our leaders cannot do their job appropriately then how are the rest of us supposed to function when our leaders, who were democratically elected to take care of business in the city, can’t even do their job collectively and efficiently together?

It is no wonder that pride has fallen in the city. There is trash in the road, people are leaving this city and the group that we elected to work together to fix what ails our community are not able to do their job. Something has to change. The citizens of Selma deserve better from their city government.This community is ours, and for those of us that live here we expect things to run smoothly and efficiently. Instead we get four-hour council meetings where little, if anything is accomplished.

We expect those who were elected to do their jobs to make Selma the best it can be.

It should be their main goal to keep the city operating as proficiently and efficiently as possible so those who continue to live here can experience the best Selma has to offer and the best Selma can be. Right now, with a bickering and disjointed city government, there is much to be desired.