Summer Threads

Published 2:48 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018

After nearly a year and a half of contemplating whether or not to start her own business, Candice Irwin finally made the plunge last May and started selling LuLaRoe clothing.

“A few of my online friends from out of the state were doing it, and everybody was wearing it and everybody was talking about it and I was like, it’s another fad, it’ll blow over,” Irwin said. “Then I got pregnant and I really needed some comfy clothes.”

That’s when she bought her first outfit from the company, and then she was hooked.

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“I bought my first pair of leggings and a shirt to go with them from LuLaRoe from one of my friends, and when I did, I just kept buying and kept buying and I was like, OK, I might as well join,” Irwin said. “Overall, it’s been really good.”

With summer quickly approaching, Irwin said new styles are arriving. The popular colors this year are mint, purple, pink and turquoise. Irwin said there are also a lot more solids this year than in year’s past.

Though she doesn’t get to choose the exact clothing she’ll get for her inventory, Irwin said she’s always getting new pieces and she’s even able to pair them with pieces she already as in stock.

“I only get to choose the clothing style and the clothing size,” she said.

“When I open the box, I don’t know what’s in it. When I open it up, it’s like Christmas. I go through and I can make outfits from the new stuff that comes in, plus the items I already have.”

Irwin sells online, through Facebook, in person and at vendor events.

She said her favorite part of her business is helping other women feel and look their best.

“I never wore leggings, I never wore skirts or dresses before LuLaRoe,” Irwin said.

“They’re all about making women feel good in their bodies and be accepting of their bodies, and it’s good to be able to pass that on to someone else.”

For styles, Irwin said there are several different items, from dresses to leggings, tops and more. Although it will be hot outside, Irwin said there are still ways to wear the leggings, like rolling them up, and pull them off in the warmer months.

“They have stuff you can run errands in on the weekend, and stuff you can wear to a business casual job,” Irwin said.

Irwin can be found at LuLaRoe, Candice Irwin on Facebook.