LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rewarding a kind person for their help

Published 7:55 pm Friday, December 22, 2017

Dear Editor,

On Dec. 3, I was shopping in Winn-Dixie in Selma about 3-4 p.m. While shopping, I had issues finding what I was looking for as usual due to my visual impairment.

So, I asked a lady and her son to assist me. She and her son assisted me like they had always known me. I thought to myself she deserves a customer service award.
But she did not work in the store.

She just helped me out of the kindness of her heart. They were fellow customers just like me. There still are some good people out here. You just got to find them.
But, they are out here. We talked briefly as we walked through the store.

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I am now in the Christmas spirit and have decided I want to reward her and her son for Christmas by giving them a gift card to help them out with a Christmas gift.
Trouble is I know her name but not her contact information.

So, if anyone knows Talisa or Talicia Jackson, let her know I want to give her an award from the V.I.P. — Visually Impaired People Organization, Inc. of Selma — and a gift card for helping someone with a special need.

She and her son showed me kindness, and I would like to give it back to her.

She could have ignored my request as many have done.

In fact, I believe, in the last year she and her son are the only ones who have helped me without being paid to do so.

During the holidays, give the gift of your time to someone in need.

You might just make your new best friend. You never know who knows someone who might help you when you are in need of help.

Go out and spread the holiday spirit and help others as she did for me. V.I.P. and I have given out awards like this for years.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

William H. Bowman
President and C.E.O. of V.I.P. Organization Inc.