LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Appreciation for work of Selma AIR

Published 8:39 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

Dear Editor,

Friday, Dec. 1, was World Aids Day 2017. I found this out from a friend who works with Selma Air, an Aids Information and Referral organization for the Black Belt region. Due to my age, I can remember when there was no HIV and AIDS.  I was working in the American Red Cross Blood Services in Nashville when HIV testing of blood products began.
The onset of this in the early 1980s heralded a new day in screening and testing blood donors in order to prevent the spread through blood products needed by patients.
Testing and prevention have come a long way since then.
I would like to salute Lydia M. Chatmon, public relations director and HIV Prevention Specialist, the friend who made me aware of this day, for the professionalism she brings to the table in her work for Selma AIR.
She and the others in the organization, the volunteers and medical personnel who contribute to the area effort against this disease, are to be thanked and honored for their work to help prevent its spread.
Education, giving and understanding are hallmarks of their work.
They consider and work with individual and social determinants of the risk of the infection.
This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is Increasing Impact Through Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships.  Is there a way you might help this organization to increase its impact for the betterment of our society?
At least we can acknowledge their work with thanks and prayer.
It is not easy work but appears to be bringing some respite from HIV/AIDs and its spread.

Gail Box Ingram
Valley Grande

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