Remnants of Harvey to bring rain, chance of tornadoes

Published 7:26 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dallas County started feeling the effects of what is left of Hurricane Harvey Tuesday afternoon when rain started moving in, and it will continue to feel effects through most of Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service in Birmingham, there will be periods of rain and thunderstorms, as well as a low risk of a brief tornado in the area.

“There are going to be waves of rain and a few thunderstorms moving through,” said Gerald Satterwhite, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

“Right now, we’re in kind of a lull, but there are several bands lined up in southern Alabama and Mississippi, and those will be rotating through the remainder of [Wednesday] and [Thursday].”

While Dallas County is in the marginal risk area for a brief tornado, Satterwhite said the chances are low.

“There’s a low threat for the Selma area,” he said. “There might be one or two storms in the area that might have enough rotation that could put down a brief tornado, but overall the risk in the Selma area is on the low side.”

Satterwhite said the threat for flooding is also low.

“The flooding threat is on the low side as well just because we’re not having a large shield of slow-moving rain moving through. They’re kind of these isolated bands that are moving pretty steadily,” he said.

“There could be some locally heavy rain and maybe some ponding in low lying areas, but we’re not expecting a big flooding threat either.”

Satterwhite said the rain and thunderstorms are associated with the outer circulation of Harvey.

“The center of the storm is back over in central Louisiana, but the large-scale flow is drawing in that gulf moisture, and we’re having those little bands of showers and storms rotating through at times,” he said.

Dallas County is expected to have between a half-inch of rain up to an inch.

“It could be locally higher if you get under one of those thunderstorms, but on average about half of an inch to an inch [of rain],” he said.