LETTER: What board should look for in superintendent

Published 8:11 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Editor,

Regardless of other opinions, I strongly believe that crime and poverty in this city could be mitigated with proper education. There is much research that supports the fact good school systems and a well-trained workforce attract industries and more desirables.

Good districts, in most cases, are established as a result of having good superintendents.

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The superintendent is the one who actually makes sure that the goals the board set are achieved with meaningful results. He or she is responsible for the day to day running of the school system, and a board must understand and respect that.

I participated in the survey for recruiting a new superintendent because all the questions are pertinent; even though, qualification based on the survey may not guarantee a superintendent a meaningful stay.

Even a board voting unanimously to hire a candidate will not guarantee anything either.

What’s more important though is the community collectively telling the board this: “Complete my joy by being the same mind, having the same love and being in full accord.” -Philippians 2:2.

Consequently, the board should hire a visionary and a team player whom they would not mind calling a team member. A person they would be patient with as God directs.

Remember, those that have mastered their patience on how to wait on God’s time have perfected their success

Furthermore, when the superintendent and the board meaningfully work together as a team, set short-term/long-term goals together and work through them, student’s achievement gaps are closed; student attainment is then actually elevated and well-maintained.

Udo Ufomadu

Former member

Selma City School Board