Local basketball team needs a place to practice

Published 9:58 pm Friday, April 7, 2017

For the past five years I have been a part of an organization that has helped the Selma/Dallas County community by providing a positive outlet for children who enjoy the game of basketball. Our organization has not only helped the children in this community but has also provided the City of Selma revenue during the summer months when we have hosted tournaments here for the past 4 years.

As someone who has done nothing but my due diligence, it baffles my mind and concerns my spirit when I have to go through hell and high water every single year just to find a gym for my team to practice. I’m a product of the Dallas County School System, Class of 2003, so you would think that the Dallas County Board would be the most receptive to someone trying to do something positive by giving back. You would think that I would have the support of the system who has schools on the failing list and troubled children who find themselves in situations that may cause them to get in trouble with the law. You would think that if someone is trying to give those children something constructive to do, all while participating in a sport that can possibly lead to a college scholarship, that system would give you their support 100 percent.

I thought that, but obviously I was wrong. It shouldn’t be a problem to find somewhere to practice when there are countless of gyms in this area not being used on the weekends, but apparently it is. At least it is for me. A gym to practice should be the least our issues but unfortunately it is our main issue and I find that to be a problem!

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I see now why our youth stay in trouble. It’s because the adults who supposed to have their best interest at heart shut down positive outlets for them to participate in. I refuse to let this hinder the progress our organization has made, but it’s time for our community to step in, starting with the Dallas County School Board.
Dr. Letti Hasberry