Melton tried to work with Jubileee organizers

Published 3:56 pm Saturday, March 25, 2017

At the City Council meeting which will be held on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Councilman Sam Randolph will introduce a resolution for the city of Selma to work in unity with the Jubilee organizers.

Councilman Randolph feels that the mayor and the organizers of this year’s Jubilee appeared divided, and it was not a good look for the city of Selma, especially when it was taken to the media. Councilman Randolph is hoping that the resolution is passed by City Council members and will bring the mayor and the organizers together. I am a citizen of Selma. I voted for Mayor Melton, and I support what he is doing for Selma.

It is a known fact that what happened with the City of Selma and the Jubilee organizers had nothing to do with unity. The fall-out came when the mayor enforced a policy requiring all events requiring city services to pay for the service. Because they had gotten away with it in the past, the Jubilee organizers refused to pay. Not only did they refuse to pay, they went to the media with it. Sen. Sanders even went to the Legislative Black Caucus and tried to get them to go against the city of Selma.

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Thank God, they refused him. Mayor Melton did everything he possibly could to work with them; however, they were not interested in working with him. Councilman Randolph I say to you, before tying our mayor’s hands, know the facts and use them for the betterment of Selma. Mayor Melton is trying hard to move this city forward, please join him in making Selma a city we can be proud of again!
Debra Reeves-Howard