Cleanliness important in food preparation

Published 8:53 pm Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Central Alabama Fair is here. I usually go at least one night and look forward to eating a polish sausage. Unfortunately for the last several years I have refused to buy one since the food vendors apparently ignore  food safety.

I always observe how a food vendor handles the food before I make a purchase.

Apparently, these food vendors have never heard of using plastic gloves when handling certain food items.

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I am calling upon members of the Lions Club and the Dallas County Health Departmnet to be sure all food vendors understand the importance of wearing plastic gloves when handling items that would call for the use of plastic gloves.

Maybe these food vendors should visit a Subway to see how it is done.

I am hoping other customers will be aware of how these vendors are operating and refuse to buy from those vendors who are not following procedures that show they are concerned about the public’s health.

Adney Taylor