Ministers can make a difference in schools

Published 10:22 pm Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dear editor,

In the Spring of 2015 God blessed Selma, Alabama with a wonderful gift in the form of a new city school superintendent. Dr. Angela Mangum is a highly effective administrator who is busy at work crafting a future for all of our children in Selma. As a minister I lament that, in the past, churches and ministers had greater access to our public schools. Often today faith is not well-received in many public school settings.

This is not the case with Dr. Mangum. Faith has played a key role in her life. A few weeks ago Dr. Mangum reached out to the faith community and invited 60 ministers to a breakfast in Selma High school library. On Thursday, July 28 there was a great breakfast prepared and a wonderful program addressing a faith-based partnership between the Selma City School System and the faith community.

Many details about the positive actions of the district were given and opportunities were presented for churches to have an impact on our schools and their students. But alas, there were only a handful of Ministers present! Sixty invitations and just a few ministers!

I know that Selma is a busy city. We are all very actively caring for our congregations and working to build a better community. I believe that our priorities are somewhat askew if we all don’t see the need to be more involved in our schools.

In the faith community, if we are truly about positive change in Selma, maybe we are in need of personal revival.

Ministers of Selma I remind you: If we can impact change in the hearts of our school children we will change Selma for the better.


Dr. Jerry Light  

First Baptist Church