Police everywhere being asked to do too much

Published 9:18 pm Friday, July 22, 2016

Just when you think things cannot possibly get worse, suddenly they do. The reference of course is to the three policemen gunned down in an ambush in Baton Rouge last week.

This tragic killing of police officers by another deranged individual is deplorable. The very people who are the protectors of the entire civilized society we live in have become the targets of assassinators. The criminal element and those with a misguided axe to grind are attempting to strike fear into the ranks of the thin blue line, but fortunately for us, it will not deter them from their appointed duties. Law enforcement officers are fearless and dedicated to the cause for which they risk their lives every day. You see, they hold to the principles of law and order, and not to some populace movement or fad.

Unlike our present president and attorney general, they do not pick and choose the laws they want to enforce. If it weren’t for the brave men and women sworn to serving and protecting, it would be total anarchy and chaos in our country as well. It appears that is what some would like with no one around to interfere with whatever they would choose to do. It will not happen so long as there are law enforcement officers around with the backing of an administration with the will to enforce the laws and provide them the support they need to keep us safe.

I have never been more impressed with a law enforcement officer than Chief David Brown of the Dallas Police Department.

The Dallas Police were targeted by a lone gunman on July 7 during a march and demonstration by the Black Lives Matter movement. The gunman took the lives of five Dallas police officers and wounded seven others before being neutralized. It was the deadliest for police officers since the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack. Chief Brown made a very profound statement in his news briefings. He said; “We’re asking our cops to do too much.” Apparently, I am not the only one to find that statement profoundly accurate as President Obama referred to the same issue when he visited Dallas. Although, I do not recall the president giving the credits for it to Chief Brown as I have. In paraphrasing Chief Brown, he went on to say in explanation of the statement, police are asked to wrestle with an array of societal failures like mental health, drug addiction, lack of education and even stray dogs. “Policing was never meant to solve these problems,” Finally, he said; “All I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.” Chief Brown is an outstanding American, and stands as a man among men in the thin blue line.

I couldn’t help but equate Chief Brown’s statement to our own small police force. They are being asked to do far more than possible given the circumstances, shortage of personnel, and equipment.

However, on they go serving and protecting, and making the most of bad situations by risking their lives.