Land transactions for period of June 17 – June 23, 2016:

Published 8:21 pm Saturday, June 25, 2016

David W. Yow Jr. to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County

Robert Mott to Robert Lynn Mott, 196 Peachtree Road, $49,000

Citibank N.A. SEM to Citimortgage Inc., Dallas County

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Maurice D. Pettway to Speir Land Co., Dallas County, $112,000

Miles O. Thompson to Vanessa G. Felts, 121 St. Andrews Drive, $31,000

Vanessa G. Felts to PNC Mortgage, 121 St Andrews Drive, $124,000

Gregory Kish to Gregory Allan Kish, 314 & 316 King Street, $6,581

Gregory Allan Kish to Peoples Bank of Greensboro, Lot 14 of Block 2 of Hospital Lot, $33,418

Selma RUC LLC to First Partners Bank, Lot 10 of Arete Corp Subdivision, $880,000

Charles A. Mehan to Regions Bank, 9155 Highway 14 E, $75,000

William Lee Wilson to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 134 Dogwood Lane, $77,900

Real Estate Gallery LLC to First Cahawba Bank, Lot 23, Block A of LaForet Estates, $89,254

Patricia A Robinson to Carl Moultrie, 1611 Griffin Avenue, $3,000

Lamar Law Frazer II to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $54,250

Dorothy Washington by Attorney to Tanya Washington, 1661 County Rd 306, $5,240

Bennie Rutledge to Shirley Dixon, 912 Mangum Avenue, $12,320

Harold Stallworth Jr. to Sally Smelley, 4477 U S Highway 80 E, $19,700

Rick Dale Knight to Dylan S. Smith, 346 County Road 277, $24,820

Dylan S. Smith to Marion Bank & Trust Co., 346 County Rd 277, $103,180

Carl Ralph Mott Sr. to Carl Ralph Mott Jr., Dallas County, $125,000

Mary Kathryn Traylor Brown to Thomas Ladique Brown, Dallas County, $358,000

Jannie Y. Patterson to Perry Kelly Jr., 820 Small Avenue

Lloyd Patterson to Perry Kelly Jr., 820 Small Avenue, $15,800