Clearing up facts on Tremont School project

Published 10:32 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dear Editor,

While it was good to have an article on the Tremont School project in The Selma Times-Journal, not all the information in the article was factual or complete.  Please allow me to make the comments so your readers will hopefully understand the importance of any and all contributions made toward the Tremont School Project.

Earlier this year an unknown individual made a deposit to the Selma -Dallas County Historic Society’s account.  The individual issued a challenge as follows:

1.  For each $1 contributed by an individual or company other than board members, a match of $1 will be contributed.

2.  For each $1 contributed by a board member or anyone who has been a board member of the Selma-Dallas County Historic Preservation Society within the last 10 years, $2 will be contributed.

Conditions:  This offer will expire at midnight August 31,2016.

Grant funds from other agencies or governmental entities may not be counted, but contributions from civic groups may be counted in the $1 for $1 match.

The funds for match will be capped at $10,000.

The individual that issued this challenge contributed $3,716.95 and since the initial deposit we have received other contributions from present and former board members, a neighborhood association and individuals. However, we have not met the challenge amount and are requesting assistance from Selma citizens, civic organizations, interested individuals and former residents.

This challenge grant will help the Historic Society match the $10,000 Cultural Facilities Planning Grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts that was mentioned by your reporter in the article.  By making a donation you will help secure a grand building for generations to use for years to come.

Nancy R. Bennett