City’s survey inconclusive

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The results of the performance evaluation of the city of Selma may have been inconclusive due to the number of participants, but it is quite obvious the majority who did respond were rather negative and disgruntled. I call myself keeping up with things reasonably well, but do not recall seeing anything about this survey until it was all over. Seems it was poorly advertised and apparently resident apathy played a role in the lack of responses. Evidently, not all city employees even bothered to respond either. That being said, there are still a few people here who have jobs and responsibilities that would preclude their monitoring the everyday operation of the city. The mayor and city council are elected to represent the people and to ensure things are properly carried out and in order.

Admittedly, it would be difficult for me to give some of the departments a passing grade. There is a scooped out hole right next to the street on city right of way near the intersection of Summerfield and Laurel Avenue my wife has tried for two years to get the city to fill with dirt. It collects water, therefore mosquitoes in summer, and trash from the nearby apartments all the time. According to the councilperson, work orders have been turned in to fix the problem, but nothing results from the work orders. Perhaps the work orders are filed away in the “T” file. It is still unfilled.

Along our street there are some discharge ends of culverts lower than the ditches creating pockets of standing water for mosquito hatcheries. Also, one of my neighbors had a situation where trash pick up had dredged out a huge hole up next to the street on city right of way. It was so bad, the mail truck would almost topple over in getting to the mail box to deliver mail. He attempted several times to get the city to fill it with dirt without success. He finally bought some dirt and had it dumped in the hole himself to eliminate the problem and keep it from undermining the street.

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Another problem in the older neighborhoods of Selma is loud music and noise long after the midnight hour. Apparently, code enforcement is not a top priority either with old clunkers sitting around. Also present is an abundance of dogs and cats prowling around without collars. Could something be done about this like enforcing noise ordinances and picking up stray animals?

Fortunately, all departments aren’t as bad as the survey indicated. I was surprised the cemetery department received a failing grade. The cemeteries have always been a show place for residents and visitors alike. When asked by potential visitors to Selma of things to see here, we always suggest the cemeteries especially in the spring and fall of the year. I can’t recall a single complaint against the cemetery with the exception of an occasional lost plant or flower from a grave marker by thieves or the mowers. I would certainly give cemeteries a passing grade as well as the fire and police departments. Personally, I believe the $2,500 would have been better spent patching pot holes.