Letter says Evans is best candidate for mayor

Published 12:35 pm Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dear editor,

In recent times, I have spoken with so many Selmians who are disgusted with the “political games” being played in Selma.

The games are rigged, and most of the players are the same. Most of these politicians have one concern, to maintain what little power they think they have over the citizens of Selma, while milking Selma’s residents of their money and possessions.

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If you are looking for a win-win situation, Mayor George Evans is the only candidate in this race worthy of election to mayor.

He understands that it takes persuasive skills to bring jobs to Selma. And he has done that. He has been a caretaker of Selma.

He has the ability to envision Selma’s future. Because he is a Selma native and a retired teacher/principal/school superintendent, he has the management ability to move Selma and its people from point A to point B, and the ability to discern where point B should be.

Mayor Evans has demonstrated not only compassion but that he’s in touch with the city and responds like you would expect a leader to respond.

We need to come together as a city and re-elect Mayor Evans so that all of the plans that are on the table today, will come to fruition tomorrow.

Selma, let’s come together and make Selma better. Let’s re-elect George Evans for Mayor.


Gerald Chestnut Riberio