City needs to notify businesses when shutting down streets

Published 9:44 pm Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dear editor,

Michael Johnson and his mother have worked tirelessly giving back to Selma. I applaud their efforts and the fact that Mr. Johnson has not lost sight of the good he can do in his home town.

I appreciate his returns to Selma year after year to host camps for kids, I applaud the advice he gives them and the encouragement to strive for better rather than settling for less.

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This letter is not about Michael Johnson. It is about the city of Selma. Side Porch Sandwiches had its own event on Friday night, April 15. We were not informed — once again— of the closing of Water Avenue.

When I was told they were only closing from the St. James to the east and was told it would not affect my business, I was misinformed.

Two police cars, not marked, had their blue lights on in front of the barricades. Who in their right mind would come to my business down Water Avenue seeing those blue lights near my building?

Side Porch spent money for its event. Mr. Johnson, with all respect, is not President Obama.

Why was Water Avenue even closed and such security given, blockades placed, and city personnel expended?

Again, this message is not to Michael Johnson, our NFL own, but to the city of Selma and city councilman Michael Johnson who fails consistently to notify businesses of the city’s intentions.

I am beginning to believe my father was right. Water Avenue is a myth.


Dianne Smitherman

Side Porch Sandwiches