Letter talks about Selma coming together

Published 9:21 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear editor,

This is a call to pray or commitment. Selma is in a spiritual battle and it is going to take spiritual weapons to take our city back. These weapons are prayer and practicing the principles of the Holy Bible.

Prayer is a pathway to God. Prayer is an opportunity to engage in a conversation with God and make our request to him. Through prayer we can bind and loose, in addition to pull down strongholds. Through the power of prayer, we can build a productive city and we all can experience joy that can take us to higher heights in God.  The work has begun.

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Thank God for five pastors and a bishop. We have organized and held meetings to pray against the violence in our beloved city.

This effort to unite our city in prayer can be a rich and effective journey with a positive outcome; whether done in silence or in a group. It is a doorway to God as quoted by Ellen Michaud. It is a powerful way to connect with the divine.

Whether we pray three times a day, once a day or without ceasing as a community it is a vital that we move forward united in prayer. The thought occurred to me.

What if Selma prayed a chain prayer on weekends; 24 hours starting Friday, April 8 from 6 p.m. to Sunday ending at 6 p.m. (since this is when a lot of the fatal activity takes place) every weekend our change comes?

Well citizens of Selma, the what if has become a reality.

The intercessors at presence 24 of them from various churches in the city have answered the call. Organizers will continue to give leadership to the intercessors on a weekly basis.

Presently we are on one accord with a divine mission.

If you want to be a part of this effort to take our city back through prayer, call 872-3665 between 9-11 a.m. Through prayer, we can experience joy and peace in our city.


Carolyn Doyle King