Important decisions to be made this year

Published 6:11 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One can only hope 2016 will be an annus mirabilis — a remarkable or notable year — for our city, state and nation. However, the trends set forth during and near the end of 2015 would indicate otherwise. Lessons learned come difficult for those accustom to excess. Of course, there is always hope. Without hope and faith, we would become miserable creatures.

The hope and change promised over seven years ago turned out to be division, misery and despair. We will have an opportunity in 2016 to set a new course for our nation from the politically correct godless trend now in effect. Are we wise enough to make that happen remains the question? The two leading candidates on both sides of the ticket leave an awful lot to be desired. We really do not need another divider, but rather a unifier. However, the decision rests in the hands of voters like me and you. If we do not demand better, we can expect more of the same or worse.

Are there no more qualified, respectable, honest and trustworthy individuals with a vision for America willing to step forward and save the nation from itself? We are actually decaying and imploding from within, consuming ourselves. How sad and how distant we have become from the greatest nation ever to occupy planet earth. Where is the leadership?

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Passage of the 1.149 trillion dollar Omnibus Spending Bill just before Christmas break by Congress and signed by President Obama is indicative of the problem. It even exceeds the limits, and has every year since, placed on themselves by the Budget Control Act of 2011. The accumulated national debt has more than doubled under the Obama administration. There is no will to curb the borrowing and spending of the federal government. Every member who voted yeah on this bill should be voted out of office in the next election. Even Planned Parenthood was fully funded after all the hoopla about selling baby parts, and etcetera. Do we expect to continue to be blessed making such decisions? It is not only disgusting, but shameful.

It isn’t just at the national level where nothing can be cut without a howl going up. The State of Alabama has tried to cut back and operate a smaller version of government. It has been met by shrieks of disapproval, being called insensitive to minority districts, politically motivated and hateful. The closed low volume facilities like Camp Grist are being re-opened and funded by local governments.

Meanwhile, the Selma City Council awarded residents with several Christmas gifts including a new garbage pick up company raising the fees for pickup by 33 percent.

They were also generous to the Selma Water Board by raising their salaries by 100 percent. In other actions, apparently the council has negotiated a “sale” for the St. James Hotel. The “deal” sounds iffy with a lot of unanswered questions, but this is not a Taj Mahal.