Land Transactions for July 31 through August 13:

Published 7:06 pm Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nell Witt Driver by Attorney, 40 Berkeley Road

Brittany C. Wingo to Interlinc Mortgage Service, 40 Berkeley Road, $244,633

George E. Kish to Pitts4 Properties LLC, 329 Crestwood Drive, 403 Union St., 519 Parkman Ave., $18,794

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Pitts4 Properties LLC to Peoples Bank of Greensboro, Dallas County, $121,205

Household Finance Corp. to Springcastle Credit Funding, Dallas County

Connie Bufford to Angel J. Simmons, Dallas County, $24,000

Carolyn S. Jones to Casey Caver, 149 Alabama Hwy. 219

Casey Caver to Carolyn S. Jones, 149 Alabama Hwy. 219, $68,500

Javonni Diggs to Claude Murphy Jr. 2612 Montague St, $1,310

Claude Murphy Jr. to Quicken Loans Inc, 2612 Montague St, $70,690

Bank of America National to Pennymac Loan Servicing, 110 County Road 881

Bank of America National to Pennymac Loan Servicing, 226 County Road 848

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Partners for Payment Relief, Dallas County

Ann R. Gaston to Chandakhan Nuon, Lot 10 Ocmulgee Estates, $15,250

Richard Scott Mitchell to Christopher Reese, 5 Wadsden Place, $13,303

Christopher Reese to The Money Source, 5 Wasden Place, $98,697

Paul Mark Phillips to Regions Bank, Dallas County, $31,000

Willodean Newsome to Jean Roden, 1549 County Road 27, $75,000

Joan T. Deason to Harold J. Wyatt, Dallas County, $280,000

Harold Jay Wyatt to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County

Ernest W. Wright Jr. to Joe Nation Brown, 1536 Franklin St.

Eddie J Jones to Joe Nation Brown, 1536 Franklin St., $5,000

Wachovia Bank NA to U.S. Bank NA as Trustee, Dallas County

Rickman E. Williams as Trustee to Sharon Moore Bettius, 1017 Houston Park, $19,250

Sharon Moore Bettius to First Cahawba Bank, 1017 Houston Park, $155,750

Matthew Dobbs to Bank of America NA, 750 County Road 269, $158,000

Clara Day to Gilbert T. Westbrook, 69 County Road 839

Gilbert T Westbrook to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 69 County Road 839, $80,514

James R Harrison to Luker Properties LLC, Dallas County

Luker Properties LLC to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $161,868

Dana M. Jackson to Ophelia Johnson, Dallas County, $10,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Trustmark National Bank, Dallas County

Terry L. Headley to Quicken Loans Inc, 640 St. Andrews Drive $162,875

Shana Tyson to Shana Tyson Beavers, 319 Wright Drive

Shana Tyson Beavers to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 319 Wright Drive, $108,710

Harrell Watts Jr. to Michael H. McKee, 216 Selma Ave,, $13,750

Mark McKee to Michael H. McKee, 216 Selma Ave., $9,000

Diana L. Osburn to Mom M. Por, Lot 33 Ocmulgee Estates, $12,500

William Cheyenne Bradford to First Cahawba Bank, Dallas County, $65,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Dallas County

Glenda Karen Mott Lee to Linda Diane Busby, 112 Lindberg St., $16,600

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage, Dallas County

Susan Elizabeth Shea to JM Jones Properties LLC, 417 Broad St., $5,000

JM Jones Properties LLC to Town-Country National Bank, Dallas County, $45,000

Ruth Scott to Della Savage, Dallas County, $1,000

David Y. Pearce Jr. to Trustmark National Bank, Dallas County, $250,000

Michael S. Little to Iberiabank Mortgage Company, 100 Tomahawk Circle, $259,500

George Thomas to Freedom Mortgage Corp, 214 W. Castlewood Dr., $161,261

Nell Whidby Mooney to Houston Land Co LLC, Dallas County, $198,000

Terry Eugene Bennett to Kinglew Investments Inc., Lot 21, Hudson Subdivision, $7,000

Sardis Land Co. LLC to Laronica Michelle Smith, Lot 8, Sardis Acres, $1,500

Laronica Michelle Smith to Sardis Land Co. LLC, Dallas County, $7,400

Johnny L. McGilberry to Steven Elwood Pauley, Lot 9 Meredith Landing, $5,000

Richard Pettway to David Cleveland Sr., 854-A Keesler Drive $44,300