United States space program has fallen off the pace

Published 8:22 pm Friday, November 28, 2014

Recent developments in the area of space and space exploration begs to question where the United States fits in anymore. We seem to have relinquished our position of first in that area to Russia, China, India and the Europeans. We now have to buy rides on Russian space rockets to get back and forth to the space station. In addition, old Russian rockets are being used by NASA trying to reach the heavens with government payloads.

Recently, a NASA mission launched in Virginia carrying supplies and equipment to the orbiting space station powered by old Russian rockets blew up on lift off.

What happened to our efforts and treasury spent at developing rockets and are there none of them left to use? I suppose this administration decided that expanding social programs, foreign aid, global warming initiatives, stimulus money for shovel ready projects where no one knows what happened to the money and etc., was more important than maintaining our position as trailblazers in space. Russia just launched a mysterious object dubbed Object 2014-28E; some think it may be capable of destroying satellites in space. Whoever commands space, commands earth; it is as simple as that and a lesson we should know all too well. In order to remain free and independent, we have very little choice except to maintain command of the space above us. At least, until we can no longer pay the interest on our enormous debt.

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Another example of our deteriorating space supremacy was the success of the European Space Agency landing a module on a speeding comet last week. The comet was traveling at 41,000 miles per hour some 315 million miles from earth. It took ten years and logging 4 billion miles to catch up to it, but what an accomplishment. It was the type of complicated achievement you would expect from the United States. Congratulations are due the Europeans on their successful Rosetta project and the Philae module dropped on the streaking comet in deep space.

It makes you wonder whether “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” was ever read by the president and our Washington politicians. America in decline is unfolding right before our eyes. It is not a myth, but reality. The president is more concerned with global warming, the LGBT agenda, and making illegal’s legal than the real problems facing America.

At the present rate of spending in Washington, America will spend itself into oblivion. The national debt has nearly doubled under the Obama administration and now stands near $18 trillion.

It is very distressing to hear of all the waste, irresponsible spending, and giving money to foreign countries when there are areas we must maintain or suffer the consequences. We must remain militarily strong and able to defend ourselves or be over run by the barbarians. Social welfare programs, cultural wars and amnesty for lawbreakers entering the country should not take priority over our security and defending ourselves. The federal government’s main purpose is to protect the American people. It has become an intrusive goliath dictating every aspect of it’s citizens lives.

We can ill afford to throw away another election in America. These experiments in social engineering has to be curtailed in favor of dedicated men and women working to save America rather than working to win another election or for their political party. The American people must come to terms with less government, some deep program cuts and hardship sacrifices to ever right the excesses of present and past spending administrations.