Better choice in 2014 election clear to me

Published 8:50 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It is approaching mid-term elections and things are getting crazy, or should I say crazier out there on the political landscape.

Every election cycle is prefaced by campaign ads, slander and outright lies. It is difficult to separate the truth from the fabrications in most cases. Little wonder there is such a negative impression about politicians and the entire process of electing a new set of fabricators.

There must be something extra special about these political jobs we the people aren’t privileged to.

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Why would anyone subject themselves to the process if it was just another job?

Seems to me political jobs must be cushy positions with very little work and a whole lot of money involved, or else no one would want to have their reputation and good character dragged through the mud. Or, perhaps these aren’t citizens with stellar reputations to begin with running for office.

I understand we now have a man traveling around all over the state with a rubber duck and a huge inflatable chicken clamoring Gov. Bentley will not debate him. Hmmm, and he questions why Governor Bentley won’t subject himself to a debate with him? Can you explain to me how this man can improve the state? We have enough clowns to deal with already.

According to a report I read, he was a Democrat before he was a Republican, and after being rejected as a Republican he became an independent, and now is running as a Democrat again.

Sounds like someone The Anniston Star would nominate and support. He seems to be taking a page out of the tried and failed playbook of the Democrats. An education lottery, doesn’t he recall Don Siegelman in 1999 and more recently Ron Sparks in 2010?

The other point of his campaign ads suggests retooling and expanding Medicaid. Medicaid already takes up 35 percent of the general fund budget and expanding it would cost the state between $470 million to $693 million from 2014 -2019, according to estimates from the Heritage Foundation. Surely he jests in thinking the state can afford to expand an already broken system.

I know the clarion call to replace all the bums with another set, but there has to be an exception to that philosophy. It is true that even a blind hog occasionally finds an acorn. So is it true occasionally someone gets elected worthy of being reelected. Bentley is not a bum. He refuses a salary until Alabama reached full employment.

Do you ever recall a politician refusing money? Secondly, Bentley is about creating jobs, a concept that seems to elude the Democrats. The quickest and best way out of poverty is a job, not more perks. The quickest way to a recovery is jobs, not expanding welfare.

There has been some borrowing from the trust funds, but had it not been the cuts would have been much more painful and the whining by Democrats much more pronounced.

Clearly, Democrats are attempting to project the Democratic failures at the federal level onto the backs of local Republicans and in particular Bentley.

Alabama does not need to regress to the failed Democratic policies that kept this state in the cellar for 136 years.