Reader supports honoring Boynton another way

Published 9:38 pm Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear Editor,

Regarding the issue of renaming part of Lapsley Street for Mrs. Amelia Boynton, I did not attend the meeting because I now live in Valley Grande. However, I began living in Selma at the age of 5 in 1952.

I graduated from Albert G. Parrish High School the year of the Voting Rights March in 1965.

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It would delight my heart to have Selma High School  renamed after Amelia Boynton.

Think of the publicity that name change would bring to her.

Her name would be spread all over the state and at times, perhaps, the region and nation when their sports teams and students excelled in many areas.

It would bring her name much more to the forefront, honoring her sacrifice more than naming part of a local street for her.

Please consider this idea, City Council. What is being named for part of a local street in comparison to a high school being named for you?

Think of it…her name would be on all the future diplomas granted by the high school: ongoing honor well deserved.

Again, please consider this suggestion. Think out of the box.


Gail Box Ingram

Valley Grande