State of the Union Speech doesn’t tell whole story

Published 4:36 pm Thursday, January 30, 2014

It has been quite a week thus far. We have had two spectator events, and still yet one more to come. Mother Nature pulled a cruel trick on us and sent sleet, ice and snow. A little dusting in this part of the world shuts down everything. You would think we were in Antarctica.

Then, of course, it was show and tell in Washington D.C. with the State of the Union.

Why is it we never really get the true state of the union at these press conferences for the ruling political party? It was mostly a rehash of previous lectures by the President laced with suggestions of more executive directives bypassing Congress and the separation of powers as set forth in the Constitution.

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It reminded me of a pep rally before a big game, and in this instance, the 2014 elections on which rides the remaining agenda of this President.

Basically, it was more of the same, more uncontrolled spending, more job stifling regulations, more big unresponsive, unrestrained government, and the worst of the lot, more burdensome debt for future generations. The reference to cutting the budget deficits in half was hilarious.

Although deficits did decline last year, if you monitor the debt clock, you can see for yourself how rapidly the debt is increasing, and it hasn‘t decreased one iota. It keeps increasing at a record pace.

Granted, I did not stay tuned to the presentation Tuesday night, I had more pressing issues. I did review the transcript and read several reports on it and garnered the gist of the President’s remarks. In summation, I arrived at it being a typical Democratic agenda of taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive.

Some of the things of interest to me were not included. There is a pressing need for private sector jobs in our country. Jobs should be at the top of the list and bringing manufacturing and industry back to our shores.

We are importing illegals every day without increasing the need for them further exacerbating the unemployed and the need for assistance. The worker participation rate at present is dismal and unless there are policies in place encouraging manufacturing again in our country, jobs will continue to go overseas and welfare rolls will continue to swell.

I have a few words about the other yet to come spectator event this week, Super Bowl XLVIII.

On several occasions, I have voiced my displeasure with these hot shot Hollywood types making a mockery of our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Enough of it already, just sing the song as it was sung in the second grade. We can do without all the theatrics and showboating trying to enhance your miserable careers. After all, no one can understand a thing you are bellowing about anyway.

Our National Anthem deserves to be sung with respect and reverence period.