Majority rules, a thing of the past

Published 7:04 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered what happened to the age old concept of majority rules? Of late, it has become just the opposite. The minority, which can consist of as few as one person, can complain disenfranchising thousands, if not millions of people. How can this be you might ask?

It doesn’t appear to be right or just and the answer isn’t simple either. The desire to be politically correct, show compassion and tolerance of a few, causes intolerance of many. In the quest to be respectful of everyone’s rights, someone is bound to be disenfranchised whether they are in the majority or the minority. In my opinion, we have become too tolerant of the intolerant.

There used to be a bumper sticker that read, “Love it or leave it.” Perhaps we should get back to our own basics and stop worrying about every Tom, Dick or Harry. Where were they anyway when the country was forged from a wilderness?

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Far be it from me to suggest we become ugly or mistreat anyone, but as tax paying citizens, we should be afforded some rights too. I say if you want to live in this country, act like it. Get a job, go to work and support yourself, learn the language, pay your dues, become a citizen, assimilate and be productive.

The sky is the limit for anyone willing to apply themselves and play by the rules of an orderly society. Nowhere else on the face of the earth can you go so far with so little invested. As witnessed in our recent history, anyone can elevate to high office with little or no experience, even to being president.

There are any number of examples of the multitude being disenfranchised or denied privileges for the sake of a few. It only took one atheist to stop Bible reading in American public schools in 1963. Madelyn Murray O’Hair, American atheist, was named the most hated woman in America by Life magazine in 1964.

No matter, she prevailed and the ruling still stands today. Believe as you will, but just take a look at the moral decay in America since 1963 and see if you can truthfully say it has made no difference.

Regardless, one thing is for sure it emboldened other efforts to rid the country of its religious traditions and heritage. The battle rages on today over innocent crosses placed at veteran memorials mostly fueled by lone individuals with ACLU backing under the guise of being unconstitutional. It is the liberal misinterpretation of the Constitution (our Constitution reads free exercise of religion, not freedom from religion) that has led to all the problems.

How about the successful effort to fracture the Boy Scouts of America by gay activist (1400 voted for the 2.6 million membership), the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” for all military personnel, the attempt to impose acceptance of gay marriage on everyone, mandating employers provide birth control and abortifacients free to employees, threatening to court martial military personnel for sharing their faith, calling something that is, like terrorist attack, something it isn’t, IRS harassing conservatives, and DOJ snooping on journalists?

All this and more, just during this president’s administration.