Pay tribute to those who’ve served

Published 7:57 pm Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Every year Nov. 11 is set aside to pay tribute to veterans. Veterans Day as it is now observed is for the living as well as the dead. It is unlike Memorial Day that is strictly for those memorialized for sacrificing their lives protecting the nation and our freedoms. Those veterans we have vowed to never forget with their special day, Memorial Day.

On Veterans Day the last few years a diligent effort has been made to identify and pay tribute to those veterans who died during the past year.

This is in accordance of paying tribute to all who have honorably served our nation both living and dead. The following list is the product of that effort for the Veterans Day year of 2011-2012. If any are missed, it is because they were not reported to me.

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November, 2011

11/07/2011, Roy Jewel Moon

11/30/2011, Andrew Monroe Allen


December, 2011

12/01/2011, George Edgar Myers

12/08/2011, Joseph Arthur Freine


January, 2012

01/04/2012, Robert Thomas Poe

01/05/2012, James Earl Smitherman

01/07/2012, Bruce Sewell, Marine Corps

01/13/2012, Ralph Thomley, Navy

01/24/2012, Drummond Percy Huggins

01/24/2012, Thomas Alfred Sherrer, Sr.

01/25/2012, Boles B. Pegues

01/25/2012, Edwin Swindle, Army

01/28/2012, Ronald Coffee, Army

01/29/2012, Aubrey Pheaton Guinn, Sr.


February, 2012

02/01/2012, Jerry Messer, Marine Corps Reserve

02/03/2012, Julian Aubrey White

02/14/2012, William Boyd, Army

02/22/2012, James Barnard Guthrie

02/24/2012, Ernest Oliver, Army & Air Force

02/25/2012, Johnny Edward Dennis, Jr.

02/29/2012, Calbert W. Colee


March, 2012

03/01/2012, Gilbert Maroney, Navy

03/20/2012, Richard Wylie Stephens

03/25/2012, Loretta Knight, Army (WAC)


April, 2012

04/06/2012, Malcolm Jordan, Air Force

04/13/2012, John Buster Mayo

04/26/2012, Kenneth Wayne Frith

04/27/2012, James Robert Hollis, Sr.


May, 2012

05/03/2012, Roy Stanley Jones, Sr.

05/09/2012, Ellis Andrew Wayand, Sr.

05/10/2012, Robert Charles Asquith

05/10/2012, Jerry Sorrells, Air Force

05/11/2012, Roland V. Griffin, Sr., Army

05/13/2012, Max Williamson, Air Force

05/14/2012, Benjamin Franklin Beers, Jr.

05/18/2012, Lyron Gandy, Air Force

05/25/2012, Marvin Donald Creel


June, 2012

06/02/2012, Edgar Vancil, Air Force

06/08/2012, Robert Walter Kirk, Jr.

06/14/2012, Emil Fredrick Miehlke

06/15/2012, John Furniss Callaway

06/16/2012, Walter Hardy Garrison, Jr.

06/17/2012, Stanley Turberville, Army

06/26/2012, Buford Campbell, Army


July, 2012

07/10/2012, Robert Fletcher Harris

07/16/2012, Pete Anthony, Air Force


August, 2012

08/04/2012, Claude Kilpatrick Knight, Jr.

08/26/2012, Benjamin Franklin Lee


September, 2012

09/05/2012, Larry Gideon Ethridge

09/18/2012, John Barlow, Coast Guard


October, 2012

10/06/2012, Euel James Baker

10/2012, Lee Arthur Stewart, Army

10/07/2012, Gordon Kendrick, Army

10/09/2012, Willie Clyde Green

10/24/2012, Charles Piper, Army


November, 2012

11/04/2012, Larry Craig, Army


It is with great admiration and respect we remember our fellow comrades in arms. They have completed their service to God and county while here on earth. We are free today due to the efforts of men and women such as those listed here. Their selfless service is hereby noted and will be a model for others who follow.

A note of reminder to all family and friends of the need to decorate the graves of our veterans. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are excellent times to visit and place bright new American flags. Even if you have no relatives buried here, consider adopting a friend or acquaintance grave to place a flag as I do. It will be a blessing and give more meaning to your Veterans Day observance.