The Y is more than a place to exercise

Published 8:46 pm Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

For more than half a century I have been able to benefit from attending the Y. My main activity there was being able to be in the pool year round. As a victim of cerebral palsy this is a form of exercise where I am in an inter tube where I can move myself freely. This organization was very accommodating of my needs, and following a surgical procedure recommended it would be helpful if my days in the pool were increased. The Y staff met that need.

In return, over the years I have been able to assist the Y by typing and preparing mailing, etc. Once when there was a class for water safety instruction where the participants were instructed how disabled people are to be lifted in and out of the pool, I served as the victim.

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The Y not only provides exercise –it has given me the opportunity to meet and be with people I would not otherwise have known.


Clifford P. Morrison