Signs were right: We’re not going back

Published 10:50 pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear editor,

I have seen a few signs around town and at the end of a newscast stating “I’m Mad as Hell. I Ain’t Going Back”. I’ve been trying for some time to understand what in the world has people here so upset. We have great leadership from the mayor, the probate judge, the sheriff and so many more.

Then I thought about the bad economy made worse by our dear socialist president. But, no, surely it wasn’t that. I thought about everything, but no real answer as to what had people so upset to put out signs and be on television hollering about being “Mad as Hell, Ain’t Going Back.”

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Today it finally hit me right in the face. Now I understand. The good people of Selma meant they weren’t going back to the inept leadership we had for eight years prior to Mayor [George] Evans. They meant they weren’t going back to making a circus out of council meetings. They meant they weren’t going back to taking money from the water department and causing a yearly increase in water bills for years to come.

They meant they like the good leadership we now have and they won’t change.

I even think they meant they wanted a good school board also. Thank God the good people of Selma were Mad as Hell, and showed it, by electing Mr. [George] Evans, Mr. [Corey] Bowie, Rev. [B.L.] Tucker, Mr. [Frank] Chestnut Jr., Dr. [Kirit] Chapatwala and others.

They also proved they are self-thinkers and don’t need a marked ballot shoved in their face at the polls. They proved they wanted people to move Selma forward and not try to create a circus pitting the races against each other.

You know, I should also have one of those signs for I feel the same way.

With my good friend Michael Johnson joining the team, I am positive Selma will look better to the world and will continue to progress. We now have a great team and I expect great results.


Earle Ashe