Former candidate says ‘Thank you for support’

Published 3:58 pm Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear editor,

“Only God can open up the heart.” — That is a scriptural annotation that most of us know to be true. As I reflect upon this past municipal government race in Ward 8, I am resigned to witness the multitude of people who make territorial and lifestyle stances that do not benefit the community as a whole. This saddens me so because I long to see the neighborhood in which I grew up begin to weed out the mentality and spiritual emptiness where the masses don’t even consider themselves citizens.

I must congratulate Michael Johnson and his team on garnering the most votes in the Ward 8 council race. I pray for his success because I am a brother who wants for his brother what he wants for himself. If he is successful, then the community will be successful.

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I also thank all the people who took time out to share with my team. With much gratitude, I thank all those who gave of their time and resources. With much gratitude, I thank those who cast ballots marked with my name. I am honored that you found me worthy of your precious and responsible vote.

This campaign was just another small chapter in a large book containing the tales of the grace and mercy that God has given me. This small chapter contains huge lessons that allowed me to see myself through all phases of my life. I was blessed to reflect upon hunger, loneliness, desperation, perseverance and triumphs.

I was able to reconnect with people who I could serve as I presented myself as a servant. Opportunities abounded as some who looked to be opportunists soon found out I would help them whether I was a candidate or not. I was fortunate to follow the way of Jesus Christ by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned; those who knew they were and those who did not.

My son couldn’t understand when I told him I was happy with the outcome. Over text messaging, I couldn’t convey the feeling of nearly 40 percent of people in the Ward realizing we can do better. I couldn’t express the joy of helping a 12-year-old girl smile again as a front tooth was replaced that Medicaid wouldn’t cover, helping a senior citizen find clean, affordable housing, taking in a homeless 18-year-old in my apartment, or providing school supplies to families who must decide between those materials and food.

This has been a truly blessed chapter in my life that leads me to the next — one filled with uncertainties, but filled with hope and the desire to continue serving God and someone besides myself.

My true companions made sacrifices. I chose Ward 8 because I believe God led me that way. Some asked for my help, and it will always be home. My prayers go out to those who aren’t able to open up their hearts to the way of God. Peace.

Ronald Lane


Former Ward 8 candidate