Isaac could have impact on voter turnout

Published 10:59 pm Monday, August 27, 2012

Those wanting to cast their ballot in Tuesday’s municipal election in Selma, Valley Grande or Orrville, might want to consider doing so early in the day, as the influences of Isaac will start impacting the area Tuesday afternoon.

According to Aaron Gleason, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, the Selma area could expect wind and rain from Isaac moving in Tuesday afternoon and not leaving the area until sometime Thursday.

“We expect the rain chances and the impact to start decreasing by Thursday evening. That doesn’t mean the rain chances are going to end, it means that by then Isaac would have moved inland and weakening and will no longer be causing us too much more trouble,” Gleason said.

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In the mean time, the Dallas County area should see rain totals of up to five inches over the next two days and winds between 15 to 20 miles per hour, with gusts hitting 30 miles per hour.

“Flashing flooding would be a concern sometime Wednesday in low-lying areas,” Gleason said. “And, some areas might see rain totals higher than the 2-to-5 inches we are forecasting, especially if we see some training. That is where rain bands continue to feed over the same area again and again.”

He also said the storm bands thrown out by Isaac do more than bring rain and wind.

“Unfortunately, Tuesday, especially during the afternoon hours we are going to start seeing the chances of some isolated tornadoes as the outer bands from Isaac move in,” Gleason said. “And, that will likely continue through Wednesday.

“These are not going to be anything strong, like we tend to see in the spring, these are isolated, weak tornadoes.”

For weather updates, stay tuned to local media outlets and weather radios.