Everyone can help Selma develop

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Selma could use a fresh coat of paint. I am not speaking altogether of the old dilapidated buildings either, however, that would be a nice start. What Selma needs is a new fresh invigorated image projected to the public.

There is hardly anywhere in the world you can travel that has not heard of Selma. We have traveled extensively here and abroad, and you would be surprised how many people have a news media image of Selma.

While Selma is not as good as we would like, it is not as bad as perceived by others.

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Selma has problems as does most everywhere else.

The election of Mayor George Evans four years ago was encouraging. I think most would agree he has been a stabilizing factor in the community. There seems to be much needed civility restored to the political discourse in city government. Good work has been accomplished during his tenure, but there remains much to be done.

While Mayor Evans has made strides toward improving Selma’s image, he cannot do it alone. There must be help and support from the citizenry to right the ship. We need to project a new image of unity in purpose, cooperation and moving Selma forward toward being a model city open for business and visitation.

We need safe streets and neighborhoods to travel and live in. I am sure the crime rate in Selma is a major concern of most who live here and those looking to visit or start a business here. There is hardly a week goes by without a senseless shooting taking place. Uniformed police officers are needed to patrol the streets and neighborhoods. We so seldom see a patrol car through our neighborhood; it makes you wonder what has happened when it occurs.

I understand the police force to be short about 12 officers who are badly needed on the streets. A police presence is a powerful deterrent to drug transactions, vandalism, gang activity and neighborhood crimes. However, this is an area where law-abiding citizens can help too by reporting suspicious activity and individuals. It is our civic duty to report law violators who threaten the peace and tranquility of our city. Get involved, it is your city too.

Sprucing up, taking a bite out of crime, brushing up on civility, and staying out of the national spotlight will go a long way toward polishing up Selma’s image and making it attractive for living, investing and new businesses.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with Selma an old-fashioned Holy Ghost revival that sweeps the entire city would not cure.