Valley Grande discusses youth sports, pizza

Published 8:56 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pizza and sports were just some of the topics discussed at Valley Grande City Council’s last meeting of the year held Monday.

Councilwoman Donna Downs said it’s possible two pizza companies will deliver to Valley Grande.

After much discussion with Domino’s Pizza in Selma about possible deliveries to the city, Downs said she is still working with the company and plans to send additional information. Downs spoke with Papa John’s Pizza, which currently has a business license with the city of Valley Grande, early Monday concerning deliveries.

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“They are delivering now here (but) it’s not all over,” Downs said. “They go on county road 81 to Rountree (Drive), through Quail Ridge (Drive) up to Selma Funeral Home and then back to Selma from Highway 22. Then on Summerfield (Road) side, they go down to Berry Road, and Berry Road is a lot further. I talked to Mark Woodson and he said they (drivers) have 8 minutes to be able to deliver the pizza from where they’re at to here.”

Because of the designated stops in the 8-minute time frame, Downs said it may be convenient for residents to meet pizza drivers at the Selma Funeral Home, or other stops along the route to pickup pizzas.

Pastor Larry Stover, who is working with the city’s sports, gave the council an update on how things are going.

“Everything is good news — I’ve got plenty of coaches, plenty of referees and plenty of cheerleading people,” Stover said. “We just have one glitch — this daylight savings time issue, it comes back March 11; our normal practice time — wow, it is dark … we’re trying to work that through right now to see how that is gonna effect us.”

Stover said T-Ball is looking good, with Taylor Sports offering teams a full uniform — hat, shirt, pants and socks, for $32. Stover is hoping to have at least 60 children to participate.

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