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Family makes holidays great

Cajun turkey, honey glazed ham, made from scratch potato salad and freshly baked sweet potato pie were just some of the items on my plate Thanksgiving Day, Thursday.

I went to bed Wednesday night dreaming about the feast, and I woke up Thursday morning with my mouth watering, imagining just how I would line up each food item on my plate once I got to my destination.

I barely cracked the screen door to my aunt’s house before the aroma of the “just-fresh-out-of-the oven” pastries and meats welcomed me, luring me to the kitchen.

I probably had multiple servings of my aunt’s homemade gravy smothered all over cornbread dressing, baked macaroni and cheese and her signature sweet potato pie.

And if the excessive food that was hanging off my plate was a wrong move, then I refuse to be right! Goodbye to any future weight loss goals!

Seeing long lost cousins — some brand new and some grown up, aunts and uncles and siblings during the holidays are always exciting.

You get to reminisce about fun times in youth and of course those not-so-memorable times that your elders bring up that you’d wish they’d forget!

There’s no time like the holidays — especially Thanksgiving.

There’s good times, good conversations and of course, good eating — for days, and days and days.

Every year, Turkey Day offers something new to come home to and discuss with family or friends about. Inevitably, you’ll talk about the great dishes and the people you hadn’t seen in a while.

You may even talk about the winning touchdown that was made during a Turkey Day pro football game. (Can’t forget about the football.)

I absolutely loved Thanksgiving.

I relish in the food and the fellowship.

Most of all, I enjoyed spending my holiday with family and friends. I’m so looking forward to next year.